Brick Mailbox Built in Wheaton

Mailbox Remedies builds this classic brick mailbox in Wheaton. Our mason will complete about 15 brick mailboxes per year. Scheduling begins in April and building goes through November.

Brick Mailbox Foundation

Our brick mailbox foundations are 24 inches by 24 inches and 3.5 feet deep. Prior to filling the hole with concrete and rebar, we mushroom out the bottom of the hole which makes the bottom wider. This is done to prevent future movement of the brick mailbox foundation.

Brick Mailbox Materials

For this classic brick mailbox built in Wheaton a Salsbury Mailbox was used. The mailbox is very heavy duty and 100% aluminum. The mailbox door has a very strong magnetic latch. The Salsbury Mailboxes are available in a variety of colors.

The brick mailbox address plaque is handmade by a highly rated Etsy Shop Owner. The brick mailbox plaque is made of slate and is embedded in the brick for a nice clean, long lasting look. The text is available in white or gold. The paint for the text is the same used for gravestones which means it will last.