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Local Brick Mailbox Installer


brick mailbox installerYour local brick mailbox installer for the Greater Chicago Area. Mailbox Remedies has built brick mailboxes throughout the Greater Chicago Area. Mailbox Remedies is normally about 2 weeks out for starting your brick mailbox project. You will want to be placed on our schedule as soon as possible so you reserve our first come first serve status.

Selecting a Brick Mailbox

Chances are you already have a style in mind. Perhaps a picture from our website, a neighbors brick mailbox or a design you have seen online. When you request a free estimate it is very helpful to include a picture of the brick mailbox you would like to be quoted on.

Brick Mailbox Step 1

Step 1, the foundation. This step is extremely important to prevent heaving or rising of your brick mailbox. If not done properly your new beautiful brick mailbox will no longer be appealing. In fact, your brick mailbox may lean to the point it tips over becoming a hazard.

Our foundations are done properly. JULIE will need to come out and clear the area of utilities. There will be a deep reinforced foundation that consists of 600 to 800 pounds of concrete prepared and placed curbside.

Brick Mailbox Step 2

Step 2, the build out of your new brick mailbox. No sooner than 36 hours later, we may begin step 2 as the concrete foundation needs to set properly. The build out usually requires 2 separate days but depends on style chosen. Some brick mailboxes can be built the same day.

Payment Terms

50% of the invoice will be due upon hire. This places you on our schedule. We begin researching the bricks, order the mailbox, address block and secure all materials needed for your new brick mailbox. The remaining 50% or balance will be due upon completion of the build out of your brick mailbox.

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